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Our project with Lotta on new concept development was very productive. It was quite an eye opening experience for people working in the industry within local market capacity. Her sense of taste, attention to details, effective communication, planning skills and desire to help  was like a fresh air for our company's further development. I enjoyed it a lot.

Elshad Abbasov 

CEO and co owner Embawood


What I do

Below a presentation of latest projects.

Retail design

Creating shop solutions that strengthens the brand identity while being inviting, inspiring, commercial and effective.  

Products & range concepts

Creating new concepts by transforming peoples needs, frustrations  and dreams into strong product offers. 

Future trend insight

Researching the future to share insight in order to co-create creative direction and informed strategic decisions.

Lectures & creative process

Leading workshops, seminars and lecturing within my field of expertise. With a focus interest in children and youth.

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Assignments and projects includes a wide range of genres. Some can not be displayed.



"I believe in creating knowledge and insight that inspires, moves and develops people and organisations, enabling them to create meaningful solutions for the good of other people."

Lotta Hahn, architect and concept developer

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